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While staying in Bangalore in the first half of 1898, Churchill explored the possibility of joining Herbert Kitchener 's military campaign in the Sudan. [62] Kitchener was initially reticent, claiming that Churchill was simply seeking publicity and medals. [62] After spending time in Calcutta, Meerut , and Peshawar , Churchill sailed back to England from Bombay in June. [63] There, he used his contacts to get himself assigned to Kitchener's campaign. [64] He agreed that he would write a column describing the events for The Morning Post . [65] He sailed for Egypt, where he joined the 21st Lancers at Abbasiya Barracks in Cairo before they marched south to take part in the Battle of Omdurman against the army of Sudanese leader Abdallahi ibn Muhammad . [66] Churchill was critical of Kitchener's actions during the war, particularly the latter's treatment of enemy wounded and his desecration of Muhammad Ahmad 's tomb in Omdurman . [67] Back in England by October, Churchill wrote an account of the operation, published as The River War in November 1899. [68]

Some one leaked this information and Winston Churchill was forced to answer questions on the subject in the House of Commons on 29th May 1919. Churchill insisted that it was the Red Army who was using chemical warfare: "I do not understand why, if they use poison gas, they should object to having it used against them. It is a very right and proper thing to employ poison gas against them." His statement was untrue. There is no evidence of Bolshevik forces using gas against British troops and it was Churchill himself who had authorised its initial use some six weeks earlier.

Winston churchill children

winston churchill children


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